Are you having thoughts and questions about the PADI open water course? As in what will you learn at Lena or Rottnest Island? The PADI certification is a sum of all those experiences that follows you in a long run. You will learn to maintain a setup dive gear during your pool sessions and learn to prepare masks, fins, and wetsuit. You will learn to swim and switch with your buddy in shallow water. In PADI open water certification and training courses we only take four students, hence it gives enough time for having a conversation with your instructor. Thus, it will not waste your time instead help you to learn and grow in less.

PADI Course

Learning to swim and observe the world underwater is a whole new experience. It’s beautiful to get comfortable with the world underwater. These PADI open water dives follow the pool sessions and an amazing opportunity for you to get comfortable with water. Only after a few dives, you will feel surprised after seeing your progress. The best part of padi open water in perth is the time to explore the world under the water, just look at the mighty creature and then communicate to us about what you have observed. Rottenest Island offers a beautiful view as there are canyon, caves, and pinnacles under the water presenting such beautiful scenery you might never have imagined. In PADI open water you can see the blue devil and funny damsel fish and several other creatures.

Ship collision from Bunbury

The PADI open water dives in Lena are thrilling. If you choose to come there, it will be a treat for your eyes. You can visit this wrecked ship or act as a caption. Such wreck ships must have become a place for different fish species and thus you can witness mighty a beautiful fish species there. The PADI open water courses have a fee and this certification includes two shore dives in Pert, full equipment, air fills and scuba tank, lunch, proper diving time, cards, age limits. All these regulations and rules are kept in mind. You are facilitating d for this entire session. You will only enjoy the session and the rest is taken care of by us. We go the extra mile in making you feel comfortable hence feel free and easy with us.

In PADI open water diving the water depth is told and all the parameters are pre-checked. You swim 200m without pause for ten minutes. You can take a vehicle too. In our PADI courses, we offer different and advanced courses. Call https://www.bucketlistdiver.com/ today and get details about the courses. Elect the one that suits you and enjoy the perks.

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