Scalp Ink Procedure And Other Procedures To Treat Hair Loss

Both men and women are equally conscious about their looks but mostly women’s name is labelled as look conscious. However, there is nothing wrong in trying to maintain your own self. This grooming is not just to show off your beauty to others but too build self confidence as well. Hair is considered as one of the most precious assets for both men and women. It is said that hair is such a crown which you always have to carry so this crown must be well maintained. It is the hair which gives the look to your whole personality. This is the reason that hair must be well taken care of but nowadays we can see the complaint of hair fall is growing among the people. There are many reasons for hair fall and with the passage of time this hair fall results in the complete loss of the hair or extreme thinning of the hair. There are various procedures to treat this hair loss. In this article, we will be discussing about the scalp ink procedure and other procedures to treat hair loss. 

Hair loss:

Hair loss is a gradual process which happens after a constant hair and regular hair fall. Hair loss can also be called as hair thing. There are many reasons for hair loss. One of the most common causes of hair loss is due to the protein deficiency. Besides that, we see hair loss during the period of pregnancy, menopause in women. In men, the hair loss usually happens due to more stress or genetic reasons. Hormonal changes are also one of the main reasons of causing hair loss or constant hair fall.

Scalp ink procedure and other procedures to treat hair loss:

Scalp ink procedure is the process of thickening the thin hair or receding hair line. In this process, hair tattoo are made which are of exact same colour as that of person’s natural hair. This process is also known as a micro pigmentation process. It lasts for almost five to six years. Besides, scalp ink procedure, hair transplant is also carried out in which hair is transplanted to the scalp of a person. Then there is this method of using hair fibre which fills the part of the hair where there is prominent hair thinning. All of these procedures are different from one another and posses their own pros and cons. See this post to find out more details.


Scalp ink in Melbourne is the process of tattooing the ink on the scalp of the person in such a way that it gives an appearance of the hair follicles. In this way, the receding hair line or thin hair scalp is filled. Besides the scalp ink procedure, hair therapy and hair fibre is used to fill the areas of hair loss. All of these procedures are different from one another and carry their own pros and cons. “Precision scalp micro pigmentation” offers the best services of scalp ink. 

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